Inanna's Festival
Learn From the Past, Live in the Present, Create the Future

The East Anglian Mind, Body & Spirit Festival 2010

Held annually since 1990, this year's event will be held on Friday and Saturday 16th and 17th April, 10am to 5pm at The Forum in Norwich. Full details of the event can be found on The Forum's website.

It brings together many local therapists & practitioners, home-made food, special guests and lots of fun for everyone. Past special guests have included authors, artists, musicians such as Courtney Davis, Brian & Wendy Froud, Helena Paterson, Chesca Potter, Rae Beth, Teresa Moorey, Emma Restall Orr, Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw (Seventh Wave Music) and Poppy Palin.

The Earth-Centred End-of-Year Samhain Service for Remembering, Releasing and Renewal

To honour the Celtic Celebration of the Old Year closing and the New Year opening ...

Held annually since 1997, this magical, meditative evening welcomes everyone of all spiritual paths and none, to come together and share quiet personal reflection and a sense of community. This evening is for remembering those we love and miss, releasing what we do not wish to carry forward into the New Cycle, and renewing ourselves mentally and affirming our hopes, wishes and dreams, using as inspiration the Old Ways of the British Isles and Europe.

This is a non-profit-making event, with all funds raised and any donations made going to Norwich-based charities. Past recipients have included the Priscilla Bacon Lodge at the Colman Hospital in Norwich, Family First charity, Woodland Cat Rescue, the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Childrens' Trust, Norwich AIDS Helpline, the Norfolk Eating Disorders Association, Health First Child Health and Safety Development Charity, and the Norfolk Suicide Bereavement Support Group

There are other events presented occasionally by Inanna's Festival, and these have included such events as an evening with the author Asphodel Long, concerts with Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw (Seventh Wave Music), an Autumn Feast and Dance with folk band Jack Orion, Bloodrites for Women, and Magical Development with Rachel Mayatt.

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