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Learn From the Past, Live in the Present, Create the Future

Since 1988, Inanna's Festival has been proud to offer the most wonderful selection of goods with a magical and spiritual connection to be found anywhere. Celebrating the diversity of world cultures and traditions we offer a constantly changing selection of largely exclusive (within the UK):

  • silver, bronze & gemstone jewellery
  • statuary in resin, ceramics and pewter
  • hand-blended fragrant incenses (powders, granules and sticks) and magical oils
  • crystals, fossils, shells, mineral specimens
  • relaxation, healing and world-music albums
  • a fine selection of books, also blank Books of Shadows/Journals
  • tarot cards and oracle sets, other divination tools such as runes, pendulums, I Ching, Crystal Balls, dowsing rods and scrying mirrors
  • an extensive range of unusual greetings cards, posters and prints, calendars and diaries in season
  • Green Man and Woman wall-pieces and other items
  • one-of-a-kind special pieces from Native American, Celtic, Egyptian and Old European cultures and other sacred images and concepts drawn across time and landscape - such as Tibetan Bowls, Native American ceremonial pipes, shields, dreamcatchers and smudge sticks

2 St Andrew's Hill

01603 626133

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Mon – Sat 10.00am til 6.00pm
Sundays and Thursday evenings
in the run-up to Christmas